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Anyone looking to buy Real Estate Ibiza is not only looking for a secure investment. There is an emotional factor involved as well when buying real estate Ibiza. Then real estate in Ibiza is in great demand worldwide. Owning a property is also an expression and a statement of own personal lifestyle. Ibiza is offering a wide range of properties. Originally, the property market in Ibiza was heavily influenced by the local Finca architecture. The adaptation and development of this unique architecture by the renowned architect Rolf Blakstad can still be found. Today when  clients searching various property sites; inland of Ibiza still a very popular locality to find these types of homes. But even modern and contemporary architecture has become an integral part of Ibiza’s landscape. Contemporary Modern Luxury villas in residential areas and also in the countryside have been developed in recent years. Due to the limited availability of Building Land in both urban and rural areas prices have risen. Meanwhile, many of the existing properties on the island, which were built some years ago, are now up for renewal, so to speak, and in need of renovation. Prices are rising and a shortage of real estate has been apparent for some time. The real estate prices in 2017 have risen by up to 25% to the previous years, depending on the location.

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Spanish autonomous region of the Balearic Islands. Together with the further south island of Formentera, Ibiza is the island group of the Pityuse. The old town of Ibiza is part of the world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Marina Nueva is the new harbor with moorings for superjachts from all over the world. The city beach of Talamanca is located not far from the center of Ibiza town. The marina of Ibiza Marina and Marina Botafoch is very popular. This area is very high in demand for real estate in Ibiza. The airport of Ibiza town is reachable in about 10 minutes by car. Delicious restaurants and bars are located in the center of Ibiza town , as well as Ibiza’s typical little boutiques. Hippie chic is one of the hallmarks of the boutiques.

The city center around the Vara del Rey was developed as a pedestrian zone. The well-known Hotel Montesol has been carefully renovated and now houses a 5 star hotel. Other high-quality hotels have emerged. On the beach of Talalmanca the Ibiza Bay Nobu Hotel was opened in summer 2017. Meanwhile, the white island next to Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo is the hotspot in the Mediterranean to purchase high quality Ibiza real estate. Ibiza has been a brand for a long time. The demand for real estate in Ibiza is increasing year by year.

A real estate purchase in Ibiza is a very good investment. We would be pleased to advise you on your property search in Ibiza. Luxury Estates Ibiza with office in Marina Botafoch is a real estate agency in Ibiza. Due to its unique central geographical location, owning Real Estate Ibiza promises a steady increase in value from year to year. The growing demand of buyers from around the world play a big role in this phenomenon. However, purchasing Real Estate Ibiza abroad is also a question of trust. We offer many of the most Real Estate in Ibiza as we guarantee discretion and offer professional advice on the acquisition process. To protect the privacy of the sellers, we publish only a part of our portfolio on this website.

A selection of properties currently on offer in Ibiza : Luxury Villa Ibiza, Country Home IbizaApartment Ibiza, Modern Villa Ibiza , Building Land IbizaSea View Sites Ibiza

Would you like to purchase Real Estate Ibiza ? Luxury Estates Ibiza and Daniel Klein would love to assist you on your journey to an island home. Please contact us about available properties in Ibiza.

The properties and real estate we have on offer are intentionally limited and we attach great importance to individual consultations when advising you about available properties. You reveal your personal preferences and wishes and we will help you realize your dream of owning a beautiful home in Ibiza. A fair market-driven price in the respective location and construction quality plays a major role for us and is the basis for the selection we offer. This is the only way we feel we can meet the demands of our clients.

Luxury Estates Ibiza is one of the leading real estate agents in Ibiza. We guarantee individual consultation based on your needs when looking for Real Estate Ibiza.

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