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Daniel Klein is an professional real estate expert in Ibiza and Mallorca. Since 2014 he is hosting the german TV Docu Soup Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen ” for Vox TV. The properties he is presenting are all situated in top locations. Estate Agent Daniel Klein is since many years a trustful consultant and a great local contact for his clients. Due to his 20 years island experience he is able to guarantee the best service for his customers. Efficiency and discretion are some of Daniel Klein’s attributes, beside his natural and authentic behavior. The southwest of Mallorca is what Daniel knows best in Majorca. Daniel Klein has lived for many years in the popular harbor of Puerto Andratx where he also owned a property. Before Luxury Estates Ibiza Daniel used to be a franchise partner of a well known international real estate brand. Due to his many years of experience and network Daniel Klein is one of the most popular and sought-after contact in searching a real estate in Ibiza and Mallorca.


Through Luxury Estates Ibiza the Estate Agent Daniel Klein is now also able to offer his service in the most famous mediterranean island. Due to his professionalism he has managed to become in a short time a reliable name on the local market.

His knowledge of the real estate market Majorca is a big added value which is now useful in the Ibiza property market as well. The development of both islands is linked.

Ibiza and Majorca real estate market are both very popular to many international clients with interest in buying properties. The comparison between the islands is quite an interesting factor when evaluating prices and locations. Majorquin Top Locations like Puerto Andratx and Santa Ponsa were almost not affected at all by the crisis in Spain during the years 2007-2011. Among time these balearic markets have strongly developed, against all predictions regarding sales declining in Spain. Average prices of sold properties around 10,000 euros per m2 confirming this. The relationship between price and quality in Majorca was considered as sustained. Clients interest in purchasing has changed over the past 6 years and consequently Majorca properties have been developing as well.

This development process was obviously useful to Daniel Klein. As the interest in Ibiza real estate market is continuously increasing, Daniel Klein is able to provide his clients the best possible service in the property search.

Since 2015 the real estate expert Daniel Klein is also the host of the successful german TV show “Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen ” for Vox Chanel, where he is presenting interesting and sought-after properties not only in Mallorca, but in Ibiza as well. These properties belong to his portfolio of properties for sale in Ibiza and Mallorca. 

Daniel Klein and Luxury Estates Ibiza are happy to welcome you at any time. 

Estate Agent Daniel Klein

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